What do we do?

The Chrysalis Foundation offers a life skills course for girls from 14 to 18 who have been physically and mentally traumatised, and are vulnerable in their communities including those living in children's homes and places of safety. The purpose of the course is to uplift, educate and equip the girls to not only be in a position to cope with the crime perpetrated against them, but to also enable them to reach their full potential.

The main focus of the lectures is to impart knowledge and life skills to the students, but vital therapeutic elements have been incorporated into the lecture modules to address the trauma and the psychological damage done to the girls. The results obtained to date have been phenomenal, and have been a life-changing experience for the 1200 girls involved.

The course is managed by a group of volunteer-businesswomen, and the lecturers are acknowledged experts in their fields of endeavor. Each course is comprised of 16 lecture modules presented over 3 months, as well as skills-building group activities, educational and cultural excursions, and takes place under the guidance of psychologists and social workers.

Once the students have successfully completed the course with both its practical and therapeutic benefits there are a series of ongoing skills-development courses and practical work experience opportunities available to them.